Thursday, May 15, 2014

7 Things You Can Never Change In A Guy

A great relationship is abt appreciating d similarities n respecting d differences u have wit ur guy. Most times gals go in2 relationships hoping 2 change certain things abt their guys, but even though he may compromise n let go of certain things 4 u, their r somtyns u shudn’t expect 2 change abt him. Read on 2 know these things and why u shudn’t try changing dem.
1. HIS PASSION FOR HIS FAVOURITE TEAM: Ever heard d saying “football is life”? Yes it is, and only a few things can cum btw a guy n his luv 4 his favourite team. Even wen u r both attending a dinner party or wedding ceremony, he’ll always find time 2 check d score and trust me, he’ll be depressed when they lose, no matter d amount of fun around him. I sometimes tease my gal by telling her dat if we were 2 marry n d date of d wedding coincides wit a Manchester United fixture, she had beta postpone d wedding or d groom (me) will go missing, only 2 be found in a football center cheering my beloved team. So ladies, instead of trying 2 stop him, try supporting his team n he’ll luv u a little more.
2. HIS LOVE FOR HIS MUM: A guy’s luv 4 his mum is one thing a gal shud neva tamper with. Yes he luvs u, but whether good or bad, his mum is high up there in his heart. So don’t sweat it or try 2 cum btw him n his mum, cos u’ll only be walking on a minefield dat will explode on u. STAY OFF and create a connection or luv his mum if u want him 2 luv u much more.
3. HIS LOVE FOR BOTTLES: If beer is one of his favourite things in life, let him enjoy it wen he wants 2, so far he’s not getting drunk n misbehaving.
4. FAMILY ISSUES: Do not try 2 bring d roof down on him or try 2 force him 2 luv ur relatives. As long as he’s making appropriate efforts 2wards them, don’t make a fight out of it.
5. HE DOESN’T TALK MUCH: Not every guy likes chitchat ting or talking so much abt their feelings. If ur guy is one who likes 2 keep his words in check, let him be and don’t try 2 make a talkative out of him.
6. HE NOTICES OTHER PRETTY GALS: It’s only normal dat a guy appreciates d wonderful work of God by taking a glance when he sees one. So nagging and wanting him 2 shut his eyes when he sees a pretty girl is a big NO-NO. Enjoy d fact dat he luvs u enuf 2 be wit u.
7. HIS ONE BAD HABIT: Every guy and even gals have at least one bad habit, like picking of nose, biting of fingernails, etc. Instead of letting it bring u 2 to frequent fights, try 2 put up wit it, knowing dat nobody is perfect.
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