Event: TY Jokez's​ -​ Gospel Laugh 3.0

Ty jokez gospel laugh


It's another year of the biggest Gospeltainment comedy show in ​Ilorin, Kwara State.

Ty Jokez Live​ Presents ​"TY JOKEZ'S 5TH YEAR ON STAGE".

​Tagged: GOSPEL LAUGH 3.0.


Ten Hottest Comedians:

* Mc Blessed

* Balogun Ilu

* Wale Bin Sanusi

* House Of Comedy

* Dr Whiteberry

* Oyas Baba

* Samo Baba

* Mc Tom

* Xurplus da Comedian

* Jay Smile

Four Hottest Musicians:

* Seyi Jazz n Da Jazz Minstrels

* Adeoluwa Drumz

* Praise Joe

* Ay Verse And Royal Voices

Dancer: V Tek Dancers

Compere: Ben Da Poet

Date: Monday, December 26, 2016.

Time: 12pm

Venue: The Potter's Porch Int'l Churches, 5B Unity Road, Ilorin.

Gate Fee:

* Regular - N500

* VIP - N1500

* Couple - N2500

Watch out for this one, it's going to blow your mind. It's going to be fun, it's going to be extraordinary.

NOTE: For Tickets, Seat Reservation, Sponsorship And Enquiries: Kindly Call 07061570146, 08108166786.. Kindly Rebroadcast!!!

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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Eating Apples

It is often said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. To improve your health and benefit a lot from apples, consume them more. Better health could be as easy as reaching for the fruit bowl for some yummy tasting apples when next you need a snack.

Benefits of Apples

Apples contain Antioxidants which help fight diseases in our bodies and improve the immune system. Scientists believe that Antioxidants help to prevent and repair oxidation damage which occurs during normal cell activity.
Be informed that Apples are also full of a fibre called pectin. Pectin is a soluble, fermentable and viscous fibre, one that gives huge health benefits.

Below Are The Top 10 Health Benefits Of Eating Apples

1. Apples Helps To Get Whiter, Healthier Teeth: An apple will not do the work of your toothbrush, but by biting and chewing an apple, you stimulate the production of saliva in your mouth which helps in reducing tooth decay by lowering bacterial levels in the mouth.

2. Apples Helps To Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease: Recent studies performed on mice have shown that consuming apple juice could help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and fight the effects of aging on the brain. Mice in the study that were fed an apple-enhanced diet showed higher levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and did better in maze tests than those on a regular diet.

3. Apple Helps To Curb All Sorts Of Cancers: Scientists from the American Association for Cancer Research, among others, agree that the consumption of flavonol-rich apples could help reduce your risk of developing pancreatic cancer by up to 23 per cent.
Researchers at Cornell University have identified several compounds – triterpenoids – in apple peel that have potent anti-growth activities against cancer cells in the liver, colon and breast.

Their earlier research found that extracts from whole apples can reduce the number and size of mammary tumours in rats. Meanwhile, the National Cancer Institute in the U.S. has recommended a high fibre intake to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

4. Apples Helps To Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes: It has been shown that women who consume at least one apple a day are 28 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who don’t eat apples at all. The soluble fibre in apples are important in checking blood sugar swings.

5. Apples Helps To Make The Heart Healthier: The high soluble fibre in apples slows down drastically the buildup of cholesterol-rich plaque in your arteries, reducing heart disease. The phenolic compound found in apple skins also prevents the cholesterol that gets into your system from solidifying on your artery walls. This helps to prevent the risk of developing heart attacks.

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6. Apples Helps In Weight Control: Many health problems are associated with being overweight, among them heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea. To manage your weight and improve your overall health, doctors recommend a diet rich in fibre.

Foods high in fibre will fill you up without costing you too many calories.

7. Apples Helps To Boost Your Immune System: Red apples contain an antioxidant called quercetin. Recent studies have found that quercetin can help boost and fortify your immune system, especially when you’re stressed out.

8. Apples Helps To Reduce Cholesterol: The soluble fibre found in apples binds with fats in the intestine, which translates into lower cholesterol levels, and lower cholesterol levels mean a healthier you.

9. Apples Beats Diarrhoea And Constipation Whether you can’t go to the toilet or you just can’t stop, fibre found in apples can help. Fibre can either pull water out of your colon to keep things moving along when you’re backed up, or absorb excess water from your stool to slow your bowels down.

10. Apples Helps To Detoxify Your Liver: We’re constantly consuming toxins, whether it is from drinks or food, and your liver is responsible for clearing these toxins out of your body. Many doctors are skeptical of fad detox diets, saying they have the potential to do more harm than good. Luckily, one of the best – and easiest – things you can eat to help detoxify your liver is fruits – like apples.

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Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking Habits Now

The addiction to smoking habit among Nigerians over the years have seen a significant rise in death rate and worst of all cancer among her people. While there have been significant campaign to end smoking or better still reduce it among Nigerians, the success rate of such campaigns are usually futile as the urge to stop smoking addiction amongst Nigerians can’t be totally annihilated.

Quit smoking

This article seeks to enlighten you on the reasons why you (smoker) should stop the habit of smoking, be it cigarette, weed, marijuana, gum and all type of narcotics that is harmful.

Smokers crave cigarettes, feel extremely hungry all the time, get irritated often, cough at times, and have concentration related troubles. If that is not enough, then it causes heart disease, increased risk to blindness, artery damage, lung cancer and even a decline in mental function.

If you still need more incentive to end smoking habit, here are a list of reasons that are surely going to have you change your mind when you pick up that cigar and want to light it up.

1. High Risk of Impotency:
Puffing cigarettes can endanger one’s healthy sex life and smokers are highly susceptible to experience erectile dysfunction (ED). Men who are okay to pop up Viagra pills need not worry about smoking much.

However, the ones who are worried about the performance in bed should seriously think about quitting. Once you stop smoking, your blood will flow drastically and that will lessen the chances of impotency. Men will get better erections and women will get better orgasms. You can easily cut down the risk of ED once you’ll stop smoking.

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2. Desire Younger Looking Skin: If you desire a young and healthy looking skin and you are a smoker, then you surely are ready to compromise with your looks. The habit of smoking is one thing that wrecks your looks completely. It does a major damage to your appearance and results in the premature development of facial wrinkles.

Smoking Cessation means no more Carbon monoxide blocking the way of oxygen and blood in your body. With the collagen production being back to normal, your skin will get more nutrients, thereby delaying the facial aging and appearance of wrinkles. Quit smoking if you desire to look better.

3. Smoking Invites Infection: Researches show that the chances of contracting infections caused by pneumonia- causing bacteria are higher for smokers as compared to non-smokers. As smoking habit can badly damage the protective mucous membrane of one’s respiratory system, it becomes easy for the infection to latch on.

Without adequate immunity, the ability to fight infectious organisms is compromised. Smokers are thereby more prone to a series of severe illness that may require hospitalization at some point of time.

4. Smoking Distorts the Quality Of Air You Breathe: Within nine months of smoking cessation, you can notice a grave difference in your breathing patterns. As the lung capacity increases by 10% within a short span of time, coughing stops and a person is able to breathe more easily. Lung capacity tends to diminish with age and time. So, in your early 20s or 30s you wouldn’t be able to notice the effect of smoking until you go for a run. After few years, though the effect of smoking on lungs would become apparent when you would not be able to climb stairs without coughing and wheezing.

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5. An Increased Risk Of Macular Degeneration: Smokers are four times more susceptible to blindness in the course of time due to age-related macular degeneration when compared to the non-smokers.

Nevertheless, quitting can cut down the risk. Age-related macular degeneration is a condition where a loss of central vision occurs. This severe condition causes blindness as it disrupts the part of the retina responsible for activities like reading, driving,or sewing.

Smoking is perhaps one of the major causes for this condition.

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Music Alert: Didomz - Zeal (Full Album)

Didomz Zeal Album Globallords

ZEAL is the self-titled first studio album by Nigerian indigenous recording artist, Didomz aka "Irumole ti o ni writing".

It got released today, 1st December, 2016 by Emerald Blaze Music Entertainment and MZM

Following a massive request from fans for an album, Didomz embarked on the Zeal project which started on 9th May, 2016.

The album tells the story of the struggle. Didomz started writing and recording with the idea of making a motivating album that could encourage people to stay strong in their various hustle.

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Preceding the album's release were the singles (Work)
for the making of Zeal, Didomz collaborated with record producers such as Nolly Griffin (The Beat beast), Klassick beatz, Harry Flanders and Loris. The album features guest appearances from Leke Lee, Nolly Griffin, Klassick, V-Can, Jay Teaz, Cindy, Dhozee, Mokej, Wizblaze, Wesco, Rhymes & Script.

DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM: Didomz - ZEAL (.zip file) Here


1. Eledumare Download Eledumare.mp3

2. Work Download Work.mp3

3. Hard Days ft Jay Teaz Download Hard Days.mp3

4. Zeal Download Zeal.mp3

5. Gbedu toh ta ft Mokej Download Gbedu toh ta.mp3

6. Ko somo na Download Kos somo na.mp3

7. Pada ft Dhozee Download Pada.mp3

8. Ategun ft Leke Lee Download Ategun.mp3

9. Collect Download Collect.mp3

10. Odaran Download Odaran.mp3

11. Outro Cypher ft Wizblaze, Wesco, Script & Rhymes Download Outro Cypher.mp3

Bonus Track:

12. Ibile OT ft Bd young, Jayliwane & Ademz Download Ibile OT.mp3

Didomz zeal Globallords

Contact Didomz

Whatsapp: 0706281894

BBM: 2B87675A

Instagram: @itsmedidomz

Twitter: @didomzm
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Didomz Unveils Official Album Art For Zeal Album

Didomz Album Cover

The official "Track List Art" for the ground-breaking album titled


by the one and only


is finally out.

This is an album you don't want to miss.

It features some of the hottest acts and producers in the industry right now. They includes; Nolly Griffin, Klassick Beatz and others.

The album will be released under the management Of Emerald Blaze Music ( E.B.M ) in collaboration with MZM Entertainment.

Album Drops On 1ST DECEMBER, 2016.

Didomz Album Cover

Anticipate And Support Good Music. #ZEAL:::::

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Music: Didomz – Work (Prod. By Nolly Griffin)

Music: Didomz – Work (Prod. By Nolly Griffin)

Didomz Zeal Album

Off the Zeal Album by Didomz – a promising up and coming act, which is scheduled to premier on 1st December, 2016.

We bring you a nice & entertaining track titled “Work”.

Feel Free To Download, Listen And Share.

Download Work.mp3 Here

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UNILORIN Releases 2016/2017 2nd Batch Admission List

Unilorin Globallords

UNILORIN Releases 2016/2017 2nd Batch Admission List

This is to inform the 2016/2017 aspirants of University of Ilorin that the much awaited 2nd Batch Admission List of the institution for 2016/2017 session has been released this morning, Tuesday, 22nd November, 2016.

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To check your admission status, visit Unilorin Admission Portal Here

1. Enter your JAMB Registration Number and Surname in the spaces provided for login.

2. On the page that opens, click on the "Check Admission Status" link at the left hand side of the page to view your admission details.


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Music: E.B.M Ft Jay Teaz, Didomz, Tls & Drizz - E.B.M Cypher (Prod. By Nolly Griffin)

KSU Amebo, Globallords, Didomz

makes a big come back to the music scene with a hot cypher rap battle featuring Jay teaz, Didomz,Tls & Drizz. The track was produced by Nolly Griffin.

Feel free to download and enjoy good music.

Download Here

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Guest Post: Your Dress And Your Address

Your Dress And Your Address

It is not much of an alien saying that you will be addressed the way you are dressed. Actually, I never used to be conscious of this maxim until I eventually had a pragmatic experience of its affinitive cliché.

I could regurgitate walking down the pedestrian of one of the university campus sometimes ago with a friend, we call him Don.
Just about time we sighted a young and fair lady aloof walking towards us from the opposite direction. I couldn’t make much of her height and other physical features but I could see much to say she was beautiful. I checked my friend to confirm that he was also seeing whatever I was seeing.

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It was written over him. I wondered if the lady was a fresh student for I never seemed to have seen her face before. Her ‘excuse me’ actually jolted me back from my thought. I kicked back to life to realize she was asking to be directed to a hall in the school.

Out of fantasy, I offered to direct her but I was surprised the lady didn’t bother dashing me much attention as she would my friend despite the fact that I could provide more description to where she’s heading than him – you know, female hostel wandering. She got the address and left with a chilling ‘thank you’.

Good, but my mind was baffled as to why the lady denied me the attention I should have by rightly routing her. I turned to Don to query him and he gave me the gurgle answer to my question.

‘Guy, no lady will be glad to talk to you this way, look at your dressing now!’

I looked down to check myself and ordinarily couldn’t say what was wrong and I glanced at Don. I was clad in a baggy trouser and a fluffy T-shirt ‘to match’, all on a saggy pair of footwear.

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The difference was actually clear and I could see why the lady reacted as she did; and since then a renaissance of dressing right has actually struck in me.

Though jocose and just a play-through but I assumed that the next attention to lose just like I lost the lady’s may be something more benefiting and imperative.

You never could tell.
Yes, it has come to not always dressing to kill or gowning on ostentatious wears yet you must learn to dress it right and befitting enough. Your dressing momentarily dictates your address and how you will be addressed.

So, wear it well!

Credits: @Samuelkermis

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Easy Steps To Increase Your PC Speed

Pc Speed Globallords

All P.Cs doesn’t have same operating system and the performance wouldn’t be the same, sometimes you will be damn tired of your Laptop or Computer system all because its relatively slow while operating it most especially when you on an important work.

However, i tried getting ideas on how to fix that up. I’ll be listing the best ways to speed up your computer system below.

Do you have a Pc that is not maintained regularly, its performance is bound to decrease with the passage of time. Many thought visiting a computer shop is the only solution to improving a computer performance.

No, it is possible to improve your computer’ sperformance yourself, and here is the perfect guide to improve a computer speed.

Easy Steps To Increase Your Pc Speed

1. Power Option: It came to my surprise when i detected that Power Option could cause sluggishness to Notebooks, using a power saver plan might also be the cause of your system slow operation. To fix this, just right click on the battery icon on the tray and select power plan then change to high performance, but note that when you change this finish remember to reduce the brightness but don’t let it fade like that of power saver.

2. Free Up Disk Space: This is done by deleting garbage files and removing unused programs from your computer. Empty the recycle bin, remove Windows temporary files. You should als Uninstall Programs that you no longer use.

3. Removing Unnecessary Files/Software: This somehow related to the point above, there are some system software that install additional software which are of no use and this might cause your system performance slow, unused files, such as images, folders, files are recommended to be deleted.

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4. Clean Up your Registry: Cleaning up your Windows registry is highly recommended and it plays a major role in increasing the speed of a computer.

Whenever a program is installed/uninstalled in a computer, a new entry is added to the registry and as time goes on a huge amount of unwanted and invalid entries would have dotted in it and as the result steps down the speed of the computer.

To do this you need a commercial registry Cleaner like Pc Health Advisor as Windows does not provide any in-built tool for cleaning the registry.

So it is highly recommended to clean up your registry on a regular basis in order to improve the computer performance.

5. Regular Scanning: This is also recommended to be done at least every week, because there are some virus that could not be detected while the anti-virus is running in the tray not until you scan your system before it could be detectable.

6. Remove Unwanted Programs from Start-Up: To remove unwanted programs from start-up type msconfig in Run dialog box and hit Enter. And in the System Configuration window, go to Startup tab and Uncheck unwanted programs that you wish to remove from the start-up programs.

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10 Amazing Facts About Donald Trump

Donald Trump US President

It has now been announced that Donald Trump has emerged winner of the 2016 US presidential election. This means more and more people are not only interested in his views but who he is as a person.

There are a lot of interesting facts about him, but these ten are the most amazing.

1. He once punched his teacher in the face: In his book, The Art of The Deal, Donald revealed: ”In the second grade, I actually gave a teacher a black eye — I punched my music teacher because I didn’t think he knew anything about music and I almost got expelled.”

2. Once upon a time, he admired Hillary Clinton:
Speaking in 2012, Donald said: “Hillary Clinton, I think, is a terrific woman… She really works hard, and I think she does a good job.”

Evidently, he is speaking a different tune now. During his campaign, he said, “Hillary Clinton was the worst secretary of state in the history of the United States.”

3. He is an expert on working missiles: He was once quoted as saying, “It would take an hour and a half to learn everything there is to learn about missiles. I think I know most of it anyway.”

4. He does not like shaking hands:
Trump is actually a germaphobe and avoids a situation where he has to come in bodily contact with another person.

5. He once had a vodka brand that failed: He launched a vodka brand in 2007. A US vodka distributor said; “We’ve had it in stock for five years. It’s never sold. But now that he’s running for president we thought we have a chance to get rid of the vodka… but [still] no one wants to pay for it.”

6. He does not drink/smoke:
His personal doctor once said Trump “will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” adding that he “has no history of ever using alcohol or tobacco products.”

7. He won an award as the worst actor in a film: Trump won the worst supporting actor’ Razzie award for his role in the 1989 film ‘Ghosts Can’t Do It’.

8. He is worths a lot: According to Forbes, Donald Trump is worth $4.5billion, give or take a few million.

9. His casino has been the site of many crimes:
The Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City is rife with carjacking, murder and other crimes. Reports say one in eight murders in Atlantic City were tied to the casino.

10. He had his own board game: A ‘Trump’ board game was released in the 80s and the smallest denomination of money in this classic game was $10million.

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KWARAPOLY School Fees Hiked Amidst Recession


KWARAPOLY School Fees Hiked Amidst Recession

There has been a very huge increase in the school fees for the fresh student of Kwara State Polytechnics.

From the approved school fees schedule as released by the institution, freshers are to pay;
* School Fees: N72, 000 for OND and N76, 000 for HND (Non-indigenes)

* N52, 500 for OND and N59, 000 (Indigenes)

* Acceptance: N5, 000

* Lab fees: 3000 (Science students only).

Whereas as at last year, freshers only pay within N55, 000 to N58, 000 as school fees, no acceptance fees and N2, 000 only for lab fees.

With the economic situation in the country, the school managements hasn't released a cogent reason for this sudden hike in the school fees.

The concerned bodies, management is hereby urged to look into this matter and offer any available help.

Download the new fees schedule here: Kwarapoly Approved School Fees

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Benefits Of Facebook To A Student

Facebook Globallords

Benefits Of Facebook To Student

Social media is undeniably a wide and fast growing trend in this technological era. In discussing social media, it is unlikely for the most popular of them all, facebook, not to be mentioned.

With about 1.6 billion active users, facebook has become a key tool in a lot of areas in life. This article is aimed at discussing the benefits of being a facebook user as a student.

* Liking Educational Pages

This is one of the most basic applications of facebook in learning. By liking certain active and learning targeted pages, one will be able to have continuous access to educational content via his/her newsfeed. Moreover, this kind of pages offers the opportunity to meet students from all around who can be of immense help.

* Creating/Joining School Groups

Unlike the numerous facebook groups, this kind of groups serves as a benefit towards students. This kind of group opens up a platform where students can share various ideas and communicate information easily with one another.

* Meeting New People

One major purpose of social media is for networking with people. Facebook provides an opportunity for one to meet people from all around the world. If the right friends are made, you can learn things such as their culture and environment which is beneficial in developing a vast knowledge.

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* It Helps In Developing Teacher-Student Relationship

Most students are known to be able to share their problems with teachers and lectuters more easily if a face-to-face communication is avoided. Facebook offers this kind of opportunity in which students can seek advice and counseling. It also provides an opportunity for the students to seek help concerning school works.

* Viewing Student Targetted Ads

Facebook is a major platform where numerous people advertise their goods and services. A couple of such ads could be of great benefits to students. An example of such adverts is those of scholarship offers open to students.

Although, not an exhaustive list, the points above if applied are capable of providing major advantages to students. It will help mix school work with a considerable amount of pleasure.

Credits: Eduregard

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Music: OluwaVicky – Ife (Prod. by Solaam)

OluwaVicky - Ife VTEK

The Ilorin based singer and leader of the famous VTEK dance crew, OluwaVicky shows off her versatility.

With a blend of Afro Beats and Dancehall, a very clean vocal and a banging twist of love verses. This will make the guys doing all kinds of moves.

More of her track is rumored to be released before the end of 2016, so keep waiting for the hits.

Download OluwaVicky - Ife.mp3 Here

Feel free to Download, Share and Enjoy Good Music.

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How To Get Free MTN Airtime And Megabyte

MTN customers are currently enjoying free 10MB data and free 50 naira Airtime to make calls.

Although it's a small offer but you can still manage it and the interesting thing is that it's quite easy to get.

Only required few minutes of your time and you will see the free little data and Airtime smiling at you.

Steps To Get Free MTN Airtime And Megabyte

* Go to your text message

* Then send START to 38143 and you will receive a call from MTN instantly, then you will be asked a little questions while on the call.

Once that is done, you will be given the free 50naira and 10MB within 48hours.

Though small but better than non. Also you have nothing to loose. Keep tuned for other freebies from our different networks.

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