Featured: 5 Best Colours For Aso Ebi Styles

5 Best Colours For Aso Ebi Styles

A Nigerian wedding today cannot be imagined without a variety of stunning Aso Ebi styles. Aso Ebi is worn by brides, bridesmaids, and female wedding guests of all ages. Every woman has her own taste in Aso Ebi, but there are also some universal rules for choosing your ideal look. Find out which 5 colours work best in Aso Ebi and shop gorgeous, high quality Aso Ebi styles in Nigeria.

1. Teal green
Teal green is a fantastic choice of an Aso Ebi colour for a summer wedding. It’s a shade that instantly reminds everyone about the cool summer days, ocean water, and endless fun. At the same time teal looks solemn enough for even the most important occasion like your own wedding. If you’re looking for an unusual shade to rock in your Aso Ebi look, you should definitely consider teal green.

2. Silver
There is no better way to make sure everyone’s attention is drawn to you all night than to wear a silver Aso Ebi. Silver fabric looks expensive and festive, which is a great combination for a fabulous wedding look.

Plus, silver is pretty easy to pair with other shades, which means that your choices of accessories are nearly unlimited. You can even go all in and pick a total-silver Aso Ebi look.

3. Burgundy
Burgundy is a favourite colour for millions of Nigerian fashionistas for a reason: it’s one of the few shades that is simply perfect for special occasion styles, even though you rarely see it in everyday fashion.
Burgundy is considered to be a royal shade and it pairs really well with gold - you can often see bridesmaid parties dressed head to toe in burgundy and gold. Many believe burgundy to be a mature colour, but the truth is that is works for any age!

4. Peach
Peach is, perhaps, one of the most versatile colours when it comes to Aso Ebi. Peach looks youthful and fresh on its own, but it can also be successfully paired with dozens of other shades. The most popular colors to combine with peach are teal, mint green, gold, white, and even purple. Thanks to that versatility you can create different Aso Ebi looks for the bridesmaids while also easily keeping to the theme of the wedding.

5. Sapphire blue
Another regal choice of colour for an Aso Ebi look is sapphire blue. This colour is beloved by the rich and famous of the world thanks to being flattering and simply a pleasure to look at.

Sapphire blue pairs truly well with gold and silver, especially if you’re combining silver or gold shoes and purse with a blue Aso Ebi outfit.

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