22 Sure Steps To Make More Money In Life

I do hear so many people say; only if I’m making more money…and I say to myself, I was once having this kind of mindset. Truly, making more money starts from the mind. So, if you really desire to be making more money at will, you need to develop the right money mindset. I must tell you that every of the steps I’ll be stating below, I’m practicing them and I’m glad to have known them. I may not be a millionaire but I’ve visualized the big business system my small business will be turning to in the next seven years time. It’s all about laying the right structures and sticking on till end. So, here are every step that is working for me. 1. Discover your talent/hobbies/natural abilities. 2. Define your life purpose and relate it to your talent/hobbies/natural abilities. 3. Align your life purpose to God’s expectations for mankind. 4. Start living your life purpose. 5. Get financially intelligent. 6. Make money work for you instead of working for money. 7. Spend by budget. 8. Always pay yourself first. 9. Read at least one personal development book every month. 10. Listen to mindset building message everyday. 11. Practice what you learn. 12. Get a mentor. 13.Learn how to sell. 14. Sell more values than you buy. 15. Focus more on your strengths, while you improve on your weaknesses through constant personal development. (As you’re growing, learn to properly delegate tasks that are not within your area of expertise so that you can spare up more time for yourself to be more productive) 16. Pay your tithe/charity always. 17. Pay your brokers well. 18. Don’t allow money to be your primary motivation rather value creation. But balance it well so that it’ll be profitable. 19. Strive to always be creating values – Be creative and caring in doing it. 20. Build relationships – making good contacts is very valuable for success. 21. Leverage on the existing structures and systems to succeed faster. 22. Form a mastermind team – Your Dream Alliance.

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