A Poem Mothers’ Day Dedicated To All Mothers: Happy Mothering Sunday (must see)

MOTHERS’ DAY By Jeremiah Onoriode Atomre Waking up that morning was just like every other day Ooh! Ooh! Were the responses of my other siblings Time for morning devotion As she led the way After some extra rest Decided to take my bathe Wao! Today really is mother’s day Sorry, women’s day But whose day is this really? As I begin to ponder over Who really owns the day? Is it for all women or only for mothers? Even as we headed for the day’s service Parents were seen with their children Leading them were the mothers But which woman would never wanted to be a mother Grieve in my heart As I pondered on this issue Oh God! Make them all mothers The faith of the barren widows sounded Oh! Can she for once be a mother? Oh! Others who after many years of marriage Can they be mothers too? All mothers, oh! All women Seen very happy and excited As their God’s children present them gifts Will she accept one of these as her? No! Yes! No! Yes! No! No! Yes! Yes! Even as she returns home None of the God sons or daughters Alone she went to a lonely home Alone she went to the hands of him “God’s time is the best” As he consoles her But what society can do without them? I don’t think there’s any Children, pupils, students and even husbands Depends on these women for most things Could it be for all things? Only time and times can tell She even borrowed when the going gets tough Always there for the children upkeep Even in the midst of none Always sought for a way out School fees, good clothes, good foods, better houses Were her plight When one is sick, hungry, accused or even arrested She is always there Wonder what life would have been without them Oh God! Bless our mothers Oh! Our women Oh God! Bless all women Oh God! Bless us all.

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