Top 4 WhatsApp Updates You May Not Know About

Whatsapp has had some major updates in the last few weeks which the last is not yet present in the latest whatsapp Plus, but hopefully it will.
* WhatsApp Web: This is one of the notable features added to WhatsApp. It allows you to use WhatsApp on PC either through google chrome browser or Firefox. Atleast for me, it makes it easier for me to reply most questions and proffer solutions via PC.
* WhatsApp Call: It’s no longer news that you use WhatsApp call to call anyone who has the latest WhatsApp on their enabled device which goes a long way in saving you airtime. I’m pretty sure everyone with WhatsApp have already activated their call features. But I noticed one major disadvantage of this WhatsApp callis that when you call someone, it takes like forever re-echoing for the other party to here you… as if you are sending a message through local Nipost before it will get to the receiver, you need to wait for some seconds before any response. This is actually not good enough but hopefully, it will be fix in the next update.
* Material Design: Among other features recently added to whatsapp is the new material design which add to better user experience.
* Google Drive: You can now back up your conversation, group conversation or private conversation history and media on google drive. Which means that even if you format your device, your chat history and media will be safe on google drive. But this feature is only available in the latest version 2.12.45 which is not yet on WhatsApp official page but available on Apk mirror here as at the time written. Once you install the update, go to the app's Settings, Chat settings, Chat Backup, and you'll see a new screen that shows your last backup time and a list of greyed out Google Drive settings. Change the frequency from off to daily (or weekly or monthly). I believe by next updates, whatsapp will fix all call features errors even as they clock 1Billion users.

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