How To Make Your Partner Laugh Easily During A Date


Making your partner happy and laugh is one major aim in the heart of many. It's quite easy to achieve if you have the tips.

Whenever someone is about to make a big speech, they usually start by breaking the ice with a joke. It’s a good way to get everybody laughing, and laughing has a great calming effect on people. Being funny doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Even the greatest comedians have noted that comedy is hard.

So, how should you proceed? While you may not be able to have your date in ultimatum stitches of laughter like Jerry Seinfeld could, you can at least evoke a little giggle if you go about it the right way.

1. Tell a joke: Whether you choose to tell a knock-knock joke or one of those, “three dogs walked into a bar,” jokes, if you tell it well, it can be a perfect way to break the ice. Just remember to keep it clean, especially on a first date. Everyone has different standards of what’s appropriate banter and what isn’t, so you don’t want to start offending anyone in the first 10 minutes of meeting them.

2. Make a comical observation: For example, if the waiter is a bit snippy, this is your chance to make a comical observation about it. Don’t be rude, but when you draw in a third party to your conversation and can laugh about it, you’ll immediately lighten the mood. It’s what Jerry Seinfeld would do, and he always got all the ladies. Snarky Observation (Not advisable): “I can’t believe they call this a sandwich.” Funny Observation: “Do you think the cook forgot the onions because he’s looking out for me?

3. Make fun of yourself: The person who can make fun of themselves is someone who’s really at peace with who they are and all the flaws that come with being human. If you’re not a natural joke teller or your observation skills are completely lacking, then make fun of yourself. A little self deprecation can break the ice and break the tension for both of you.

4. Initiate a silly game: From a game of eye-spying people with a certain feature (mustache or funny walk), to agreeing to talk with a certain accent all night, make up something fun that will have you both giggling.

5. Just laugh: Similar to yawning, laughing is contagious. It’s science. If you can push out a deep belly laugh, even if it’s out of nowhere, do it. Your date will follow your lead and you’ll be able to feel comfortable right away.

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