Must Read: 5 Unsafe And Deadly Acts To Avoid While Using Your Tech Gadgets!!!

As the saying goes that beauty is in the eyes of a beholder, I am saying that safety too is also in the eyes and hands of the beholder.
There are certain unsafe practices many people often indulge in while making use of their tech gadgets that must stop now, and here are they;
1. Using of Power Banks while plugged into an AC outlet.
You might have heard or read about the recent incidence that is currently breaking the internet on how a Ghanaian girl was electrocuted while using a power bank – and this was how it all happened;
According to sources, the Ghanaian was making use of her Power Bank that was plugged into an AC outlet, and she did so to enable the Power Bank to charge up when power is restored.
On the cause of using the power bank, she felt asleep and slept off while having the power bank on her chest.
Then unfortunately power was restored and there was a surge in voltage and heavy current flowed into the power bank and she was electrocuted by the power bank stocked on her cleavage.
Now this is an eye opener for all, that apart from this ugly incidence, it is totally unsafe to plug a power bank and still be using the power bank at the same time.
2. Plugging a phone and using the phone at the same time to be making/receiving call.
Many of you are also guilty of this particular act, and you should desist from it completely – similar case as the one above has been reported in the past where the victim plugged his phone and was making a call.
The precautionary measure here is that when you plug your phone and want to use it to make/receive call, you should unplug the phone completely before using and then after making/receiving your calls you can then plug it back and leave it to charge.
3.Making use of your laptop directly on your lap close to your manhood/womanhood.
In as much as it is regarded as laptop, it doesn’t necessary mean that you should be using it on your lap in the manner that can endanger your health.
Always avoid placing laptops directly without shield on your lap and more so keeping it very close to your manhood.
The heat generated by your laptop on prolong usage can damage your manhood when you place it directly on your lap. Better still for convenience, you can easily place your laptop on a desk and if you must place it on your lap then you should be mindful of the proximity to your manhood/womanhood.
4. Putting your phone on loudspeaker while making use of it very close to your ear in making/receiving calls.
If you must make use of your phone on loudspeaker then you should avoid placing it very close to your ear.
Sometimes there could be a surge in sound while making use of your phone on loudspeaker and the sound could come out loud enough to cause deafness.
5. Placing and making use of laptop on a bed.
Some of you are also guilty of this; you make use of your laptop while placing it on bed. This time around for the safety of your gadget, you should avoid this act totally.
Your bed can easily block the vent of your laptop causing it to overheat and unlike when you place it on flat plane surface.
Finally safety measures are important things you should always have at the back of your mind and not even only when making use of your tech gadgets but also in all ramifications of life.
By so doing, you end up prolonging your life, equipment/gadgets and keeping a better environment.

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