YABATECH Expels 4 Students For Examination Malpractice


These are rights naturally accruable to every person by virtue of his/her existence as a human being. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, under Chapter IV enumerates the following as fundamental human rights:-

Right to life

Right to dignity of human person

Right to personal liberty

Right to fair hearing

Right to private and family life

Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion

Right to freedom of expression and the press

Right to peaceful assembly and association

Right to freedom of movement

Right to freedom from discrimination on the grounds of ethnic group, place of origin, circumstance of birth, sex, religion or political opinion.

Right to compensation for property compulsorily acquired

The above rights are classified under Chapter IV of the Constitution as Fundamental Rights. However, there are other rights under Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy provided under Chapter II of the Constitution. These include the right to:

Free and compulsory education Adequate health care, gainful employment Shelter, food etc

The former are justice-able rights, i.e. citizens could go to court to enforce them if denied. The latter rights are however non- justice-able, i.e. these set of rights are not enforceable in the court. They are aspirations attainable if and when the State has the resources. However, the Commission believes the two sets of rights are both fundamental and complementary. This is because; the right to life, for instance, is meaningless without gainful employment or food to sustain life in the first place. The Commission has made a strong case for the upgrading of Economic, Social and Cultural rights to fundamental rights. Human Rights are interdependent, interrelated, indivisible and universal. The management of Yaba College of Technology, in a circular dated June 18th and signed by the Deputy Registrar of the college, Mrs. Titilayo Obadimu stated that the institution had expelled four students over examination misconduct in the 2013/2014 2nd semester examination.

According to the circular, the expulsion of the students was approved by the academic board of the institution after treating the cases of malpractice during the 2nd semester 2013/2014.

The four students were in HND 1 Business Administration (Full-time),

ND II Mass Communication (Part-time),

ND I Mass Communication (Full-time) and

HND II Computer Science (Full-time).

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