Tips To Know If A Girl Likes You


Hey pals, It’s not always easy to know if a girl likes you. Just when you assume a girl is interested in you, you may find out that she’s only being friendly or nice.

Here are some tips to find out if the girl you have your heart also really likes you.

Tips To Know If A Girl Likes You:

1. One of the easiest ways to find out if a girl likes you is by watching her behavior when she’s with her friends. Do you see her friends nudging her while she blushes and discreetly looks at you now and then? there’s definitely a crush in the air!

2. You bump into her all the time: If you don’t know this girl or haven’t been introduced to her, and you still see her in places where you like hanging out, she may want to catch your attention.

3. You catch her staring at you often: If a girl can’t stop staring at you, especially when you’re busy or occupied with something else, it’s a good sign to show that she has something romantic in mind when it comes to your thoughts.

4. When you have a conversation with this girl, she constantly reminds you about how sweet you are. Being labeled a sweet guy isn’t always a compliment. But if she ever say “any girl would be lucky to have you” then that surely is a compliment!

5. She looks for excuses to touch you: Does a girl look for excuses to touch you or hold your hand? If you notice this behavior of hers only around you and not any other guy, she probably has feelings for you.

6. She compliments you a lot: There’s a good chance that a girl likes you if she always compliment you for the smallest of reasons.

7. When a girl likes a guy, she would want to know everything about his relationship status and his past relationships. It’s an easy way to get to know more about the kind of girls you like and are attracted to, and also the relationship issues that matter to you.

8. She gives you all her attention: If a girl likes you a lot, she’ll push everything else aside so she can spend more time with you.

9. She asks you out

10. She flaunts her single status: If she constantly reminds you that she’s looking for a good guy to date, or asks you to go clubbing with her because she’s got no date, she may indeed like you.

11. She gets jealous when you ignore her.

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