10 Signs You Are An ‘Illiterate’ Despite Being Educated

At the mention of the word “illiteracy”, people jump to conclusion that it is the basic inability to write legibly or speak Queens’ English properly, and/or inability to understand or produce written information properly.

But I can assure you that there are several degrees of illiteracy in Nigeria (regardless of your Academic Certification)

To a broad view, many people have earned some level of Academic Certification, they can however read and write which makes them educated, no doubt about that, but ironically, they are not in any way different from the illiterates in the society

I had noticed many types of acts by highly educated people that makes me astound. Now I’m gonna point out some basic illiterate- types act done by most of the educated elites that makes them synonymous to illiterates

Note: The fact that you could admit to see a part of yourself doing these things doesn’t mean you should throw punches at me. cheesy

Here we go!!

10 Signs You Only Went To School But An Illiterate

1. Becoming APC/PDP Tyrants
It’s shameful that some politicians often make use of our so called educated youths to fulfil their political desire. You may find them either in the middle of the road with bottles, creating road blocks fighting for Biafra, GEJ or Buhari, not minding to lay down their lives for the penny offered by APC or PDP. This is one of the illiteracy we are talking about. Smh

2. Poor Dress Sense
To a reasonable extent, your dressing exemplifies what you have inside of you. It is shameful that some acclaimed educated people don’t even know how to dress properly.

Their role model are Davido or Wizkid who are old enough to be their kid brothers” mate.

You will see them sagging, showing their newly bought boxers to the world to see, even though they are not into showbiz. They are not in any way different from illiterates

3. Afterall, “English is not my Mother Tongue
Some educated persons would blame their inability to communicate lucidly and fluently in English on their primary school teachers who had passed on twenty years ago.

When they are caught in moment of blunders, they will opine that, afterall, English is not their native language. Smh

4. Fond of or Addicted to Smoking & Drinking Alcohols
Even though they are perfectly aware of the defects of how much these are injurious to the health, you will see them indulge in taking these injurious substances.

Some of them share the same gene with goats. Are they in any way different from the illiterates? cheesy No they are not

5. Engaging in Unprotected s*x
Some of them show gratification for calculatively and expertly sleeping with several ladies without releasing semen. You will find them at every barber’s shop troubling the barber to sterilize the clippers properly before using it on their hair.

They aren’t afraid of sexually transmitted diseases but are so much concerned about contacting diseases arising from the use of public clippers. Isn’t this illiteracy? It is

6. Not adhering to warnings/instructions
Some people are illiterate solely because they cannot read and write, and we accept that; but what about those who can read and can understand written from of communication yet disobey? Some of them will see warnings such as “Don’t drive when drunk”; “Wreckless driving kills”, “obey traffic rules”, etc; yet you will see them at Lagos-Ibadan Expressway competing with every trailer and Dangote truck.

7. Defecating in Public Places
This goes to the male folks. We have various species of them living beside my villa. They have good toilets yet you will see them defecating beside other people’s houses (they call it short put). I even fought with a dude yesterday for defecating beside my room cheesy This is nothing but illiteracy

8. Visiting the Brothel
If you surf through the net you will find numerous customized pictures, blogs, articles etc. Showing how “WE” blame our Govt, Police, Politicians, School System, etc. for all the evils happening to us. As a matter of fact, not every problem should be attributed to bad governance because sometimes, we are the architect of our own problems.

Some educated people spend irresponsibly, such as not saving money for future hardships; squandering their hard earned money on Olosho and Ashewos, all for five minutes enjoyment. this is another height of illiteracy common with the educated ones

9. Fighting in Public
Some of them will not hesitate of pull off their shirts and trousers and start fighting with conductor for their change. However, you will even see some of them fighting abo.ki selling suya for ordinary tasting.

10. Feel free to add the last one

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