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I really see the real imei tweakers smiling all because of the recent free data tweak that has been blazing since recent time.

After the release of the recent 300MB imei, here comes a bigger package of 1000MB.
This imei is for Mtn users and certainly for tweakers, so if you are not a tweaker then continue using your Mtn unlimited music plus data.
This imei is for Phathom 5 and the data attached is 1GB.

How To Get The 1GB Free On Mtn

==> Tweak the imei below by changing the last 3-5digits

==> 352262070712849

==>  After tweaking the imei, wait for two minutes and you should get this message but if you don't get the message then retweak the imei.

==> Wait for 10-15 minutes to get the below message again and your data has been activated.

==> Dial *559*22# to check the data

Tweak, Get Free Data. Enjoy!!! Drop a testimony


  1. Will I put it in airplane mode after tweaking

  2. Yes for sure, u should flight-mode your fone after tweaking


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