Top 10 Courses To Study In Nigeria

Top 10 Courses In Nigeria

To be honest, you’ll accept that some particular set of courses in Nigeria tertiary institutions are actually regarded as the best of all courses.

You can’t really blame them though, with the rate of unemployment in Nigeria these courses are the only professions that can lead to a student having a really good Job. Having this in mind, you can see the Top 10 Courses To Study In Nigeria and give your comments below if you feel otherwise.

1. Medicine: You’re in the science stream and you reveal your choice of institution to your parents, we both know the course they’ll advice you to go for and it is MEDICINE. Advice of course for parents that listen and are understanding for other parents, they’ll most likely force you till JAMB shows them you don’t really like the profession.

2. Pharmacy: The next on the Top 10 Courses To Study In Nigeria is pharmacy . You couldn’t make medicine right, go for the very close one “Pharmacy”.

The prestigious faculty of pharmacy, even more prestigious if you’re a pharmacy student in OAU. In case you didn’t know, OAU is actually the first university in Nigeria to have pharmacy as a faculty of it’s own.

3. Law: Yes! The prestigious and proud law students of Nigeria. This doesn’t even require your parents, once you’re in the art class the first thing you fill in as your desired course of study is Law!!!.. I don’t really blame they have the most beautiful girls. I don’t know about your school though, the chances of being employed as a law graduate are large.

4. Electrical / Electronics Engineering: Meet the king of the technology faculty, Elect/Elect is actually a very cool course to study and they have the most intellectual students. I respect the students of this department and am also proud to be one of them.

Elect/Elect is really awesome because you can diversify, you can be a great programmer, an electronic expert, sound and network system expert etc.

5. Architecture: Am for once a great fan of this course. For now lets pretend the course isn’t one of the most stressful courses you can ever choose to study, the department is great. Once you’re good you’re GOOD! and they’re probably the students with one of the highest chances of getting a job in this country with an outrageous number of unemployed.

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6. Computer Science & Engineering: Computer Science & Engineering is actually one of the best courses a tech student could choose to study. Let’s face it, the world becoming more and more digital everyday. With technology advancement, wireless and computer-based sysyem are fast rising globally, now who do you think controls the future.

7. Nursing: Nursing definitely has to be on the list, without the help of the nurses the burdens on doctors would be extremely great.

If you argue otherwise, you definitely haven’t experienced what happens to patients when the nurses in a hospital embark on a strike. Well i know what happens and the doctors would tell you they can’t do it alone.

8. Mechanical Engineering: Some people would disagree on the ranking of Mechanical Engineering on this list because it isn’t just hard to get when trying to get into an institution but it is also very hard to study. So, the reason i kept it on the list is because it isn’t an independent course. How many Mechanical Engineering students have you met that finished school and they decide to Work on their own? Most if not all of them begin searching for Jobs and lets be sincere it’s not easy to come across job opportunities these days.

9. Accounting: So this is like the first commercial course to make the list and no am not being bias, in fact i felt very reluctant to add it to the list. The reason i added it is because that’s the first course that comes to commercial students minds when it’s time to pack their things to the Higher Institution. Before being accused by the accounting students ask yourselves this question, how many of you can be self established without a great amount Capital.

10. Agriculture: The last on the list is the whole faculty of agric. The reason its being ranked 10th on the list is because of the ease with which students can get into the faculty.

Soil Science, Animal Science, Agric Econs etc. But when you look at it from the productive aspect of it and the self establishment capabilities, agric is really an amazing course to study.

There you have it, Nigeria’s top 10 courses. If you feel otherwise about the other of the ranking, you can drop your thought in the comment box.

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