Guest Post: Your Dress And Your Address

Your Dress And Your Address

It is not much of an alien saying that you will be addressed the way you are dressed. Actually, I never used to be conscious of this maxim until I eventually had a pragmatic experience of its affinitive cliché.

I could regurgitate walking down the pedestrian of one of the university campus sometimes ago with a friend, we call him Don.
Just about time we sighted a young and fair lady aloof walking towards us from the opposite direction. I couldn’t make much of her height and other physical features but I could see much to say she was beautiful. I checked my friend to confirm that he was also seeing whatever I was seeing.

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It was written over him. I wondered if the lady was a fresh student for I never seemed to have seen her face before. Her ‘excuse me’ actually jolted me back from my thought. I kicked back to life to realize she was asking to be directed to a hall in the school.

Out of fantasy, I offered to direct her but I was surprised the lady didn’t bother dashing me much attention as she would my friend despite the fact that I could provide more description to where she’s heading than him – you know, female hostel wandering. She got the address and left with a chilling ‘thank you’.

Good, but my mind was baffled as to why the lady denied me the attention I should have by rightly routing her. I turned to Don to query him and he gave me the gurgle answer to my question.

‘Guy, no lady will be glad to talk to you this way, look at your dressing now!’

I looked down to check myself and ordinarily couldn’t say what was wrong and I glanced at Don. I was clad in a baggy trouser and a fluffy T-shirt ‘to match’, all on a saggy pair of footwear.

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The difference was actually clear and I could see why the lady reacted as she did; and since then a renaissance of dressing right has actually struck in me.

Though jocose and just a play-through but I assumed that the next attention to lose just like I lost the lady’s may be something more benefiting and imperative.

You never could tell.
Yes, it has come to not always dressing to kill or gowning on ostentatious wears yet you must learn to dress it right and befitting enough. Your dressing momentarily dictates your address and how you will be addressed.

So, wear it well!

Credits: @Samuelkermis

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