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3 Housing Improvements That Will Increase The Rent

For successful renting of the housing, you should be aware of the following fact: your success depends on the level of satisfaction of your guests.

Provide comfort and try to exceed their expectations at every step – it will guarantee permanent success and the possibility to charge the maximum fee. It makes sense to think about how to strategically upgrade your property. If you do it right, it will be more likely that your guests will choose your apartment and will be ready to pay more.

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1. Floor

jiji.ng floor

One of the best investments in housing, which you rent, is choosing the right flooring. If the floors are covered with old carpets, you can radically change the atmosphere of your apartment by replacing carpets with parquet or tile.

This will not only add aesthetic look to the whole space, but also provide savings in the future, since these surfaces are easier to clean and maintain in the long term. Furthermore, this choice will appeal to guests, who suffer from allergy, because parquet and tiles are often hypoallergenic.

However, one factor should be taken into account. Replacement of an old flooring may require a relatively large costs, if you won't carefully choose the materials.

Before taking an important decision, it is recommended to carry out a comparative study.

2. Kitchen

jiji.ng kitchen

Fast and inexpensive upgrade of your kitchen will allow you to easily increase the cost. A fresh coat of paint does wonders with furniture, it may also be nice to invest in expensive equipment.

3. Laundry room

jiji.ng Laundry room

Some owners believe that it is useful to add a washer and a dryer. But we should say that it depends on several factors. For example, if most of your guests stay only for two or three nights, they do not need a washer.
However, if the housing is usually reserved for the longer term, you may lose the potential guests due to the lack of washer.

Another important factor that should be taken into account when deciding on installing washing machines and dryers is their cost. In some cases, you will have to put small efforts. In other cases, you might want to work hard to make electricity and laying pipes, as well as accomplish carpentry work. If so, your investments may not be recouped quickly.

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