Amazing Secrets And Facts About Money

Secrets and Facts about Money

Hello friends, am here to share with you some amazing Secrets and Facts about Money.

Money won’t make you rich because it is not meant to do so. You must first build the wealth of inner values before money can come to you.

Money is simply what we use to measure (or place a price) on how wealthy a person truly is in inner values. So you must first be ‘rich’ before money can come to you.

Money is simply the way we move wealth (or true values) around. Money Comes Only to the Financially Intelligent.

Here Are Some Facts About Money You Should Know

* Listen, money doesn’t come to good people - because there are millions of good people who aren’t rich.

* Money doesn’t come to educated people - because there are so many educated people who live average lives.

* Money doesn’t even come to church goers or Christians - else our churches would be filled with millionaires!!!

* In fact, money doesn’t necessarily come to business people, as so many struggle to make ends meet.

* Money only comes to those who are already rich in the knowledge of the laws of money. Money comes to the financially intelligent.

* When God’s people are empowered financially, they can easily pursue their God-given ambitions, goals, and purposes.

Many people have dreams and aspirations that are not fulfilled because of lack of wealth.

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