Best Satelite Settings For Srong Decoders

There are many satellites in space but MyTV signals come to us through the Intelsat 20 satellite.

This satellite is positioned in the orbit at 68.5 degrees East. Primarily, your LNB which is the camera-like device at the mouth of your satellite should be in universal settings mode and the parameters listed below must be properly inputted before you can have access to MyTV channels and other free to air channels on MyTV with Strong decoders.

Now, before you scan your Strong Decoder, the settings should look this way;

* Satellite: Intelsat 20 Orbital

* Position: 68.5 degrees East

* LNB: Universal

* Transponder Frequency: 12.522 MHz

* Symbol Rate: 29.950 Ms/s

* FEC: 3/4 And

* Transponder Frequency: 12.722 MHz

* Symbol Rate: 26.657 Ms/s

* FEC:1/2

* Polarization: Horizontal

For the MyTV Smart brand of satellite decoder settings, its signals come via the Eutelsat 16A satellite in space. The details of the technical settings are as follows;

* Satellite: Eutelsat 16A Orbital * Position:16 deg. East

* LNB: Universal

* Transponder Frequency:12.521 MHz

* Polarization: Horizontal

* Symbol Rate:30.000 Ms/s

Once you have added these satellite settings appropriately to your decoder, scan your decoder and you will be surprised to see you have now got the channels.

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